Your Service Team

 Terry: President/Managing Partner


Christy: Treasurer/Managing Partner


Tim Wright: Chief Financial Officer 


Brooke: Branch Manager


It was working closely with healthcare professional in the care of mentally ill patients that I acquired an admiration for the nursing field. I am amazed with the continued sacrifices made by not just the nursing staff but all healthcare professionals. I am so blessed to be able to say that I work with a large group of professionals, not just in the office, but in the field. Our staff has the quality, professionalism, integrity, and teamwork that our clients, residents, and patients deserve! It is because of all our staff, we are the preferred agency in Kansas. I couldn’t be more proud to say I work for Q.S. Nurses!


Lindi: Staffing Manager


I started working for Q.S. Nurses 12 years ago. The first two years, I spent working in the field, while the remainder has been in the office. I always enjoy assisting and visiting with our employees and clients.


Renee: Human Resource Manager 

Teresa: Staffing Specialist

I've been with the team for over 2 years now and hope to be a part of the team for many years to come. Being able to help our partner organizations with the coverage they are needing and providing our employees the hours/shifts that best fit their schedule is a great feeling.

Lori: Staffing Specialist 

Sharon: Staffing Specialist


Starting with Q.S. as a traveler and now serving as a staffing coordinator, I've been with Q.S. for ten years. Since moving out of state, I have been able to continue working for Q.S. with on-call staffing. I enjoyed traveling with Q.S. when serving as a CNA and CMA and continue to enjoy assisting employees and clients.

Yvonna: Staffing Specialist


I started working for Q.S. Nurses as a CNA, and have worked at many different facilities. I have really enjoyed being able to work as a night and weekend staffing coordinator; staying home with my family full time and still being able to work is a great opportunity! I look forward to using my experience in the field to best assist both my coworkers and our clients, and to do my best to serve you!


Amy: Staffing Specialist