Continuing Education

We understand your busy life and the sacrifices you make every day. To help you stay current on your continuing education credits, we are providing locations and, at times, updates of specific CEU courses to you, eliminating your headaches of searching! While you are checking out continuing education opportunities, don't forget to refer a friend!

Per the Kansas State Board of Nursing, they will accept nursing continuing education offerings that are pre-approved and/or accredited by:

  • Any State Board of Nursing
  • A National Credentialing Organization
  • The Kansas State Board of Nursing

  • If the offering does not state it is approved or accredited by one of the above listed for Continued Nursing Education, you may NOT use it for continued education without filing an Individual Offering Approval (IOA) form and getting PRIOR approval before using it to renew or reinstate your license.  Kansas nursing licenses expire on the last day of the month that you were born, in odd or even years based upon which year you were born.