QS Nurses delivers quality! We provide programs and policies of specific strengths and value to our client facilities, which sets us apart. These attributes are consistently demonstrated and always begin with you, our team member!


When hiring, we focus on three characteristics within potential employees. The best candidates will possess and consistently demonstrate Professionalism, Quality and Teamwork. Applicants are carefully screened, experience verified and strongly referenced by supervisors/managers prior to employment. All applicants must have one year of current experience prior to proceeding through our application process. Lastly, an extensive pre-placement orientation will be completed and all criteria must be met before employment.

Upon hire, employee information and credentials are uploaded into our software to verify completion of all time sensitive documents. This same software, allows QS clients access to view these credentials and documentation on our employees.  To ensure that nursing skills and facility needs are being met, performance evaluations are completed every 30 to 90 days based on client desires.