Meet the President

Welcome to QS Nurses Corporation. I appreciate your visit and it is my privilege to communicate the following message.

I have been associated with Medical staffing for over 30 years. My admiration of medical professionals brought me into the industry and YOU hold me to it. You are amazing individually and corporately as a profession. You deserve the very best for the commitment, sacrifices and good you bring to communities and this country, one patient at a time. I want to ensure QS Nurses does all it can do to support you.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and there is no exception to the caregiving component. There are many ways to a fulfilling career. Travel nursing and per diem nursing offer unmatched opportunity to the healthcare professional.  Experienced healthcare professionals consistently move into the agency sector realizing a renewed commitment, and the benefit of flexibility, new locations, compensation packages and achieving unparalleled personal and professional satisfaction.

At QS we offer outstanding service with a personal emphasis on YOU. Many talk personal commitment, few are consistent in follow through. QS is dedicated to advocacy. Our action on behalf of you and our healthcare partners is immediate and critical to our success. Please know when you work with QS Nurses Corporation, you have chosen the leader in advocacy, support, and total compensation focusing on you personally, professionally, and financially.

We look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards,

Terry L. Whitlow